NIO’s ET-7 Launched to be the biggest competitor to Tesla Model S.

Tesla cars are considered as the epitome of the electric cars, which should be expected from an all-electric car company, however, to give this company a run for their money in China NIO has launched its all-electric car ET7 which claims to have achieved a single-charge range of 1000 km.

The ET7 was launched at Sichuan which is the capital of Chengdu, and it will start its delivery from 2022, although, the company has already started to take the pre-bookings and hasn’t announced the availability of this car in foreign markets. The NIO ET7 will be retailed in the Chinese market at 448,000 Yuan for the Base variant ($69,116).

NIO’s ET-7 Launched
NIO’s ET-7 Launched

NIO ET7 will be available in 3 editions namely Standard, Premium and Extended each having their different battery capacity. The standard edition will be powered by a 70KWh battery and will be providing a single-charge range of 500 km, pricing at 448,000 Yuan. The premium edition will be powered by a 100KWh battery and will be offering a range of 700kms, pricing at 536,000 Yuan. Lastly, the top variant Extended edition will be powered by a 150KWh battery and will be a single-charge range of 1000 km, pricing for this variant has not revelled yet.

One thing to be noted before coming to a conclusion is that these range tests are performed by China’s NEDC which would certainly be differed when these tests will be performed by Europe’s WLTP.

The NIO ET7 is a long car extending just above 5 meters which when compared to Tesla model S is 119.78mm larger in length. The car gets a Floating tablet-like instrument cluster and a vertical infotainment system which give the car a sleek and futuristic look the comes with voice assistant ‘Nomi’. The car also comes in a similar Tesla self-driving feature which here is named as Nio Autonomous Driving or NAD.

NIO’s ET-7 Interior

As per the powertrain option announced by the company the car comes with a dual-motor system that can produce a max power of 644hp and a peak torque of 850Nm. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 in just below 4 seconds.

The NIO ET7 is the country’s first electric sedan which is solely designed to compete with the likes of Tesla Model S with providing everything more than it.

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