The new generation Tata Safari made its debut earlier this year which was based on the previously launched Tata Harrier, with identical design and performance with the exception of a 3rd row which turns the Harrier into Safari. As only the name is enough for the reputation, the new Safari quite heavy in the initial month although the craze seems to have slowed down in the past couple of months which might be due to the pandemic conditions around the nation. As the old Tata Safari was considered close to people’s hearts, this safari has can be deemed as close to modifiers hearts, as the new Tata Safari has gone through many modifications and innovations of the modification houses. However, this modification isn’t real but a concept art digitally imagined as the performance-based version.

The Artist Shashank Das calls this beast of a car as the Tata Safari GTS concept, and just as the name suggests so are its features and styling which is inspire by Porsche and features a Carmin red colour with black roof and many highlights which earlier were covered in chrome and are now blacked out like the front grille, window sills, door handles, roof rails, and everything else.

This modification also comprises of an adjustable suspension system which can manually be adjusted according to the terrain or handling preferences. The other most noticeable thing in the Safari is its new set of Multi-spoke Rotiform LAS-R alloy wheels in black finish. Unlike the regular safari this one doesn’t get the black-coloured body cladding, rather gets a more polished looking body-coloured cladding. Safari GTS badging can also be seen on the bottom side of either of the doors. The interior is also given the same dual-tone treatment as the exterior and no mechanical up-gradation is also been showcased.

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