Tata Motors recorded a significant growth of 92 per cent on a YoY basis in July 2021, with the sales reaching 51,981 units compared to the sale of 27,024 units last year in July 2020, while on an MoM basis this growth seems pretty stable with a growth percentage reaching about 19 per cent when compared with sales of 43,704 units in June 2021.

These sales are a combination of four categories, which are M&HCV, I&LCV, Passenger Carriers and SCV cargo and pick-Up. The domestic sales on the other hand stood at a major increase of 81% while the CV exports stood at 204% growth on yearly basis.

 The M & HCV witnessed a growth of 203% on a yearly basis while the monthly sales remained at a growth of only 3%, the I & LCV witnessed a growth of 125% on a yearly basis while the monthly sales remained at a growth of only 21%. The Passenger carriers witnessed a growth of 83% on a yearly basis while the monthly sales dropped down by -13%, while the SCV cargo and pick-Up stood at a Yearly growth of 47% and only 15% of monthly growth.

Talking about the domestic passenger vehicle sales which stood at 30,185 units translating to YoY growth of 101% and monthly growth of 25%.

Similar to Hyundai, Tata Motors is also planning on introducing a new micro-SUV which will be called the Tata HBX and will be making its debut by the end of 2021. Recently the carmaker has also introduced the dark edition on a few of its vehicles including Tata Nexon and Altroz which will be joining the dark edition Harrier which in addition to this also gets the unique camo edition which was launched a year back.

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