Tata Motors India planning to launch 2 EV-based vehicles in the Indian market before the launch of the electric SUV coupe. It is expected to be the premium hatchback ultras TV and recently launched micro-SUV punch TV.

Tata Motors EV

Tata Motors recently hosted a global premium premiere of car electric concept coupe EV a few days ago following with the well-put-together teaser campaign and it will spawn electric mid-size issue within the next 2 years. In addition, the Home-grown manufacturer also confirmed that the petrol and diesel versions of the same SUV coupe are also launched following the launch of the electrified version.

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There’s no stopping Tata before that so 2 more EVs are coming which could be the premium hatchback Altroz EV and micro-SUV punch EV. The interview managing director of Tata Motors passenger vehicles said,” Before the car, there will be more products in the generation 2platform that are already existed in IC models. Begin generation 2 they will undergo a platform modification to adapt the electrification and more differentiation elements for the EV.

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Tata Motors EV

Currently, homegrown manufacturer Tata Motors India sells Nexon EV the country’s bestselling passenger electric vehicle, and the Tigor EV based on the slightly modified version of their respective platform to accommodate the battery pack and the other internal electronics. However, the generation to will have better packaging comparatively thugs more interior space and more good-looking cars can be expected.

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The upcoming 2EV products Altroz EV and punch EV both are based on modular ALFA architecture and are optimized for electrification like the Nexon EV and Tigor EV revised X1 platform from India. The Altroz EV was showcased back in near-production form at the 2020 auto Expo India. The punch has been available in the domestic market since last year and is well received amongst the customers. The electric version of the premium hatchback and micro-SUV could sit below the Nexon EV even touch giving more easy options for customers and more crucially they could help in boosting the electric portfolio for the Tata in the domestic market.