TATA made their first debut electric sedan car concept in 2018 by TATA E-Vision. TATA motor comes in the electric car market and makes a bombing debut for the first ever long range Electric vehicle concept. They showcased their concept car in Geneva motor show in 2018. As of now TATA motors has the believes of giving the best overall styling for the car’s interior and exterior design.

As we can see the car is a sedan EV which makes it different and very presentable to the global as well as Indian market, where the mileage consideration is the first priority of every Indian buyer. TATA authority didn’t reveal much of the specification  but some of the key features are:-

  • It runs 300+ kms in a single charge
  • It gives sub 7 second 0-100 mph
  • It provides top speed of 200 kmph
  • The E-vision gives us tesla like dual motor setup

By this concept and design demonstration TATA showcases that ,what Tata motors is capable in the e-mobility market. By this the future for Tata is already going in a great direction and as of now we are excited about the launch of the Tata E-vision which is expected to be in Dec 2020 and the price ranges from 25 lakhs to 28 lakhs.

Is it a sexiest Tata car ever ?