Suzuki global has released the concept Images of their first-ever Motorcycle inspired Roadster car named ‘Misano’, in association with IED at turino.

  • Suzuki Misano is the combination of Motorcycle and Car
  • Suzuki and IED crated a new concept named as Misano
  • No official specifications or debut date has been revealed from the officials

Over the years, many global mass manufacturer companies and new start-ups have introduced the concept images of their imagination. However, not every concept seems to go into production or only some of them make sense and debut further, while other concepts are just imagination for the future. Suzuki and IED (Istituto Europeo di) design have created a new concept car, which is a combination of Motorcycle and vehicle named Misano, with a popular race track in Italy alongside Monza and San Marino.  

Suzuki concept Roadster Misano unveiled
Side Profile

This has been formed into the concept by Masters in transportation student at IED in Torino. The Two-seater roadster looks very beautiful in terms of design and outlines. The concept is built to combine the features and designs of a motorcycle and a fully blown automobile. The Roadster measures four meters in length and one meter in height, while the seating arrangement is done in a tandem fashion as opposed to the usual seating manner. The Front fascia comprises a sharp LED headlamp, along with a downward dipped bonnet, and has a Suzuki logo grafted in between.

Suzuki concept Roadster Misano unveiled
Rear profile

With the two-door body, the design has IED and Suzuki badges, LED taillights, and a diffuser at the back. The vehicle can be controlled through a control stick as opposed use of a conventional steering wheel. The Notable highlight of Misano is a roll hoop behind the passenger and a slanting windscreen for the driver on front. While the Concept has been revealed from a young designer’s mind, the company no intention to go further with the design for the production part. However, the technical specifications and debut date have not been revealed, but the concept gives us an image of the future roadster.   

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