The famous Suzuki Jimny made its global debut back in 2018 and since then the car has been in high demand and also one of the best sellers in its segment in the international markets. The reasons for the love that this car receives is its compactness, affordability and off-roading skills which can’t even be compared to another car in its segment. One other reason the car is famous for is its aftermarket modifications as the Jimny is amongst the more easily customized car. Today we bring you one such modified Suzuki Jimny Sierra done by modification brand Liberty Walks, which has not only performed a full transformation outside but also from the inside.

Starting with the front facia, this customized Jimny gets a glossy piano black body colour which is complemented by a set of LED headlamps and a new sporty grille with liberty walks logo at the centre, this all is housed in a glossy black housing. The bumper also gets a major makeover and now looks bold and strong, the bumper also embeds large air vents at the centre and a set of LED Fog lamps at the lower ends along with a blacked-out bash plate. The car also gets a large hood scoop which makes it look more appealing.

As for the side, nothing major is changed except the bold-on-fender, wing deflector over the windows and black multi-spoke alloy wheels. Along with these customizations, the exhaust tips are also shifted to the side of the car similar to that of the Mercedes-Benz AMG G63. The rear of the car also remains the same except for the spare wheel cover which now is modified and comes in chrome and the roof-mounted spoiler.        

Not much has changed as for the interior but carries some minor tweaks like Black leather seats with contrasting which stitch, the steering wheel has also replaced with the LBWK (Liberty Walks) logo at the centre along with all the mats and seats carrying the same logo. The powertrain still remains the same 1.5-litre petrol engine.  

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