have you ever heard or seen any car which has airbags, not inside the car but outside, if not then you aren’t the only one as these cars aren’t made in abundance. Subaru a Japan-based company has designed a car with external airbags that are placed below the windshield and an A-pillar towards the front. The car is named the Subaru Levorg Wagon which is amongst the lesser-known car by the company and is only specific to the homeland.

Most of us might be thinking, why external airbags? The answer to it is to protect the pedestrians in an accident from the car. As soon as the sensors detect an impact the airbags around the bottom of the windshield and around the lower half of the A-pillar inflate to reduce any lethal injury. However, these airbags will not open if the impact is weak or the speed of the car is significantly low for the pedestrian.

Another interesting fact about the external inflating airbags is that the Subaru Levorg Wagon isn’t the first car to have so, as the Volvo V40 which was launched back in 2012 was the first one to apply this safety feature. The car had an external airbag under the hood near the windshield. However, these airbags only opened when the car’s speed ranged between 20-50 km/h in the temperature between -20 to 78 degrees Celsius.

Although, the external airbags are a nice feature to have it does not protect you the driver from any harm, which might feel like you are paying for someone else’s safety while you get nothing in return. But a company named ZF has demonstrated a pre cash safety system back in 2019, in which a large airbag was mounted in the car’s side sill that acted as an extension of the crumple zone between the A- and C-pillars when your car is hit from the side.

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