Sonalika tractor made India’s first field-ready E-tractor for framers. It launched on the 23rd of December 2020 on farmers’ day.

  • It is powered by a 25.5 Kw of compact battery
  • Top speed rated as 24.93 kmph
  • The tractor price starting at Rs 5.99 lakhs

While the automobile industry still in a bad phase, and brands’ plans for 2020 got altered especially in the electric vehicle segment. Sonalika tractor motors have launched India’s first field-ready electric tractor. While as compared with Europe and the United nation, India’s electric infrastructure and electrification are very slow but it’s steadily progressing. Although as of now no passenger electric vehicle has been launched Sonalika motors launched their E-tractor on farmers day. The Sonalika made this new E-tractor based on their tested platform as always. The powertrain consists of a 25.5 kWh battery packed with IP67 protection. The tractor can be charged from a home socket within 10 hours, and in just 4 hours with the fast charger.

Sonalika Tiger E-tractor launched
Sonalika Tiger Electric tractor

The Designed in Germany eTrac electric motor developing peak torque in zero RPM, making it optimal for field operations. The company claiming that the tractor uses 1/4th running cost compared with the diesel engine tractor. The Top speed is rated at 24.93 Kmph, and a full battery can last up to 8 hours while operating a two-tonne trolley. Mr. Raman Mittal Executive Director, Sonalika motors, said, “ As the world is moving towards the environmentally friendly initiatives electric vehicles across segments being eagerly looked at as an alternative it fossil fuels. Sonalika’s field ready tiger electric E-tractor is our commitment to accelerate India’s march towards the greener tomorrow and stay in line with the government of India’s ambitious move of introducing EVs by 2030.”

The Manufacturer also said that they will bring global technology to India to enhance farm productivity and profitability. The tiger electric tractor will be manufactured at the Punjab plant, which makes it truly make in India wonder. Bookings for tiger electric tractor has been started across the nation, with the price tag of Rs 5.99 lakhs, along with reduced running costs 1/4th compared with a Diesel engine. It is a very practical option and also good for environmental health.