Nowadays car manufacturers are introducing many new and attractive features to grab the attention of the customers like giving them discounts, additional accessories, new facelifts and what not. Skoda not getting behind in this race has now introduced its new Skoda supercare for all new and existing customers of the Skoda family.

What is Skoda supercare?

Skoda supercare is a new name given to the new maintenance packages introduced by Skoda, that help customers ease off their future maintenance and prevent them from further wear and tear

Why do you need to avail supercare?

This program safeguards customers against spare part price and rising labour costs, offers a warranty of up to four years or unlimited km on the spare parts, and helps in the transfer of ownership at the time of selling the vehicle.

Detailed view of the Skoda supercare

Skoda is offering this program in 3 variations

  • Standard
  • Enhanced
  • Comprehensive

For new customers starting from Rs 29,999 for 4-year per 60,000 km that can be availed in the 1st year of purchasing the vehicle, whereas for existing customers can get the similar offer in Rs 15,7772-year per 30,000km

Standard PackageEngine oil, oil filter, drain plug, washer, air/ pollen/ fuel filter, spark plug, brake fluid, V belt, HALDEX coupling oil, and ATF.
Enhanced PackageEverything under the Standard Package + front windshield wipers, and front and rear brake pads and discs.
Comprehensive PackageEverything under the Enhanced Package + battery, flywheel, clutch assembly (clutch plate), pressure plate, and release bearing.

Skoda offering upto 6-year extended warranty

Skoda has also introduced an extended warranty program starting from Rs 30,975 that is valid for the fifth and sixth year or 1.5 lakh km, from the date of the vehicle’s purchase. It is applicable on all Skoda models. It can also be availed by existing customers who own a Skoda car purchased on or after September 1, 2016, that is under the 4-year warranty program and below 97,000 km.