If saying in one word that why you should not even think about buying an ADAS equipped car, then absolutely not, however, the reason for it is not so simple. So, to know better let’s first know what actually ADAS is and what are its stages.

ADAS is an abbreviation of Advanced driver-assistance systems which in simple words mean ADAS is a complex combination of sensors and actuators that assists a driver in real-time. This system can be further divided into 6 levels based on the amount of control given to the driver with 0 being all manual and 5 being no driver interference required.

Now let us know why such a handy feature-rich car will not be any good in India.

Lack of Infrastructure for ADAS cars

un leveled road with no marks

Unlike many other countries where ADAS is quite popular India lacks the backbone to carry this system which is the infrastructure. For example, one of the features of ADAS level 2 is lane keep assist, and if you look at the Indian road where on many roads there are no clear lane markings which make the feature pretty useless and if that’s not all then most of the drivers in India do not stick to one lane be it a highway or any normal street.

Lack of awareness

buying ADAS car

The AI used in the ADAS system might look fancy to you but that will definitely fail you in many conditions, as some might say the system is for assisting the driver, but what good it is if you even can’t ease your focus from the road, assuming when some biker or car cuts the lane in front of you.

Overpopulation for use of ADAS car features

India traffic jams
buying ADAS car in India

What good is ADAS when your car does not even get to breathe a good and traffic-free road? For example, most of the cities in India suffer from a bumper-to-bumper traffic problem, so here no ADAS can help you to overcome such situations.


Cars equipped with ADAS are well overpriced compared to the non-ADAS cars with all the same features, this is also one of the biggest reasons for not buying an ADAS equipped car.

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