Compact Hatchbacks have always been the best-selling car segment for a pretty long time which was mostly carried by Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai however, this May 2021 was like no other month we have seen from a pretty long time. This May brought us a total reshuffle in various lists owing to the massive 75% loss of sale in Maruti Suzuki which ruled over the best-selling passenger car list. This time tables have turned in favour of the SUV segment, especially for the compact SUVs which have obtained the number 1 position on this list of Segment-Wise car sales for May 2021 with over 24,000 units sold last month. Here is the further detailed list of Segment-Wise car sales for May 2021. Segments (MoM)April 2021 SalesMay 2021 SalesMoM growth
1.Compact SUV (-55%)54,10424,399-55%
2.Mid-size SUV (-40%)33,71820,132-40%
3.Compact Hatch (-73%)62,77117,230-73%
4.Premium Hatch (-61%)32,87912,758-61%
5.Compact Sedan (-64%)23,1408,301-64%
6.MPV (-69%)24,7137,744-69%
7.Entry-Level Hatch (-81%)28,6235,520-81%
8.Exec Sedan (-60%)8,5503,450-60%
9.Lifestyle Off-Roader (-44%)3,4061,911-44%
10.Van (-90%)11,4691,096-90%
11.Premium SUV (-82%)2,685490-82%
12.Premium Sedan (91%)5811191%
13.Luxury Sedan (-90%)10510-90%
list of Segment-Wise car sales in May 2021

The compact SUV segment comprised of Kia Sonet, Hyundai Venue, Tata Nexon and many more, out of these cars many performed pretty well given the circumstances of the market. At the number 2 spot, we have the Mid-Size SUV segment comprising of the best-selling passenger car of the month Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos, Tata Harrier and many more. these cars managed to sell a total of 20,132 units last month against 33,718 units which were sold in May 2020 translating to an MoM growth of -40%. Next, we have the previously number 1 spot holder, the compact Hatchback segment which managed to sell a total of 17,230 units last month against 62,771 units sold in May 2020, translating to a Massive MoM drop of -73%. The rest of the list pretty much remained the same with addition to major sales drop compared to last month.

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