It’s the start of the new month and the sales report from the previous month are pouring down like rain on us. Same goes for the sales of most of the major companies all having a major dip in sales as compared to the previous month. Maruti Suzuki is no exception to it with a sharp decline in both YoY and MoM basis. Even after this negative sales reports Maruti Suzuki still remains the king of the auto market.

Looking in terms of passenger cars, Maruti Suzuki recorded a total of 1,35,775 units sold in the month of November 2020, interpreting to a total decline of 17% as compared to the month of October 2020 that recorded a sale of 1,63,656 units.

If we speak of the total sales figures of the company including the passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles and other OEMs the company has recorded a sale of 1,44,219 units in November 2020 which is a decline of 16.5 per cent when compared to the sale of October 2020 which recorded a sale of 1,72,862 units. The same goes for the export of the company where the total units exported was 9004 which was again a decline to the export of 9586 units in the month of October 2020

Although with these declines in sales numbers the company still retains the position of the king with covering about 50 per cent of the sales of the total auto market, that can also be described as every second car sold in India is a Maruti Suzuki product. No company even coming near this number and toppling the top-selling cars of any month. All the top five spots still remain occupied by Maruti Suzuki cars. Will there be any other company car that will shake this monopoly of the market sales where all we see is Maruti Suzuki?