Home-Grown two-wheeler maker Royal Enfield announced a price hike for January 2021, which affected almost every bike but except Himalaya.

  • Royal Enfield Bullet 350 gets a mere hike of Rs 185
  • Classic 350 undergoes high by Rs 3,000
  • Royal Enfield Himalaya price unchanged

Royal Enfield is one of the premium two-wheeler makers in the Indian market, especially in 350 ccs and 650 cc bikes. It undergoes a price hike for January 2021, as many other brands have done it already, like TVS, Kawasaki, Hero, Bajaj, etc. The Royal Enfield Bullet 350 and 350X gets a mere price hike of Rs 185 in both the variant. On the other, classic 350 has undergone a huge increment in price between Rs 2,117 to Rs 2,290 on single-channel as well as on dual-channel variants, compared with the Himalaya, and bullet 350.

Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Nov 2020 sales
Royal Enfield Meteor 350 prices hiked between Rs 2,927 to Rs 3,146

A fun interesting fact is the Royal Enfield Himalaya variant prices are the same as in the previous year, it could be because the new updated version of Himalaya is going to launch soon and the prices could be hiked for the new 2021 RE Himalaya. The company adds tripper navigation to it and the bike will have some minor changes to the frame as well. Recently, a few months back, the company launched Meteor 350 and it hasn’t stood secure from the price hike scheme. The bike now costs Rs 1.79 lakhs for the entry-level trim and Rs 1.94 lakhs for the top-end trim, sporting a hike between Rs 2,927 to Rs 3,146 on all the 3 variants, fireball, stellar, and supernova.

BikesOld PriceNew price
Royal Enfield bullet 350Rs 1,33,261Rs 1,33,446
Royal Enfield bullet 350XRs 1,27,094Rs 1,27,279
Royal Enfield classic 350Rs 1,69,279Rs 1,71,569
Royal Enfield Himalaya  Rs 1,91,401NA
Royal Enfield Meteor 350Rs 1,75,817Rs 1,78,744
Royal Enfield Interceptor 650Rs 2,66,775Rs 2,69,764
Royal Enfield continental GT 650Rs 2,82,513Rs 2,85,769
Royal Enfield New january 2021 price list

Royal Enfield’s Twin Interceptor 650 and continental GT 650 has also got a hike in prices. The Interceptor 650 has increased between Rs 2,989 to Rs 3,220. On the other hand, continental Gt 650 has seen an increment in price between Rs 3,166 to Rs 3,378. This is despite the switch from Pirelli tires to home-grown Ceat Zoom Cruz F rubber tires. If we talk about the future products, despite updated Himalaya royal Enfield has gotten many products in their pipeline. The New-generation classic 350 arriving soon in the coming months, Cruiser 650 and interceptor 350 ccs could be arriving soon. As per reports the company has packed their next 7 years schedule with one new launch in every quarter of the year.      

Royal Enfield Meteor 350 side view
Royal Enfield Meteor 350 side view

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