Pollution has been the biggest problem for all the developing countries and the same goes for Indian. Although to fight this issue the Indian government have been talking many major steps, and one such step has come into light that the road transport ministry has issued a notice, proposing the new price increment on the RC renewal of car ageing 15 years or more which will now cost you Rs 5,000 that more than 8 time the current cost that as of now is Rs. 600 and registration for an imported car which for now is Rs. 5,000 will be hiked to Rs. 40,000 starting this October.

Not only does this affect the cars but also 2 wheelers and trucks, the current registration fee for two wheelers above 15 years is Rs 300 which will be hiked to Rs. 1,000 and for trucks above 15 years of age this hike will be of a massive 21 times, to be exact the new cost for renewing the RC of 15 year old truck will be Rs.12,500. Along with these hikes, some other penalties also have been added in the scrappage policy proposal which says that any delay in registration of a private vehicle will be liable to pay a penalty of Rs.300 to 500 per month, while any delay in renewal of fitness certificate of a commercial vehicle will be liable in a penalty of Rs. 50 per day.

This hike in prices for renewal of RC for old vehicles is due to the reason to discourage people from keeping any old vehicles as the older the vehicle gets the more will it be causing pollution. This amendment will be applicable starting from 1st October 2021 and after when this law gets into action, the owner of these 15 year old vehicles if private will have to renew their cars every 5 years and for commercial vehicles after every 8 years.

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