India is in a very delicate situation right now, with over 2.5 lakh cases of Covid-19 emerging every day people are suffering from a shortage of oxygen cylinders, beds and whatnot. And even this was not enough 2 more dieases (Black and white Fungus) have also emerged out of nowhere and many cases of that are also been reported on an everyday basis. And to overcomes these atrocities the state governments have placed some restrictions over the majority of the industries except for essential services to help stop the spread of this disease. And in these dire times, Renault-Nissan India has been sued over by the employee union of the company for not following the Covid-19 protocol described by the state and central government.

The Renault-Nissan plant at Tamil Nadu incorporates a total of about 3,000 contract workers, 700 apprentice and over 2,500 staff members, which have filed a complaint against the company and asked to halt the production of the plant due to disobeying the Covid-19 norms put together by the government.

The officials in the company however have responded to the allegations as baseless and have commented that the company is in the need to fulfil its local and international orders and to export the order without a delay and the officials also said that all of the norms applied by the government are in action and are being followed very strictly.

The Madras court has taken this case under it and is waiting for the response of the state government and further action will be taken on the topic after the appropriate response by the two parties.

A top Tamil Nadu official today us that the company Renault-Nissan will be permitted to carry on with its operations, but proper action will be taken against any violation of social distancing norms by any company.

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