Renault has introduced its new logo with the unveil of its new super mini 5 electric concept car which will be making its debut in the market in early 2024. The old Renault logo has been in action for far too long and the company wanted the change in design with the change of a new era of electric cars.

The new logo of the company shows the its will to push the concept of modern electric cars, and as described by the design director Gilles Vidal the new logo is following the new trend of two-dimensional logos which are better represented on digital surfaces than the previous 3D logo. Vidal also mentioned that Renault 5 acted as a major testing ground not only for the car but also for the logo, and after the positive response we received about the logo, we have finial decided to reveal it. However, this new design will be introduced to all the models and products very gradually and will be featured on every Renault model till 2024.

New Renault Logo on Renault 5

Since the start of Renault there have be numerous logos with the use of a diamond shape, the first logo was introduced in 1925 where there was only the outline of a diamond with horizontal strokes filling it, and the current logo used was designed in 1992 and since then has been altered 4 times and the most recent way in 2015 and after 6 years the new design has been introduced again.

The new design of Renault now comprises of 2 diamond shapes both intertwined in one another or more like in opposite directions. Talking about the Renault 5 EV which most likely wont be coming in India as the company is only focusing on the SUV segment for the Indian market, and the car offered by the company as of now are – the newly launched Renault Kiger, the most affordable car offered by Renault in Indian market the Renault Kwid and its oldest SUV Renault Duster.

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