To boost up the sale of cars Renault India has announced some very attractive discounts on all of its cars and for all variants for May 2021. These discounts vary for all models and their variants and are divided into a list of cash discount, exchange bonus and some other additional benefits. Here is the list of Renault discounts for May 2021.

ModelsCash discountsExchange BonusAdditional Benefits
Renault Kwid (STD & RXE 0.8)00Rs. 10,000
Renault Kwid (other trims)Up to Rs. 20,000Rs. 20,000Rs. 10,000
Renault Triber (RXE)00Rs. 10,000
Renault Triber (other trims)Up to Rs. 25,000Rs. 20,000Rs. 10,000
Renault Kiger005 year/1 lakh km extended warranty
Renault Duster (1.5L)0Rs. 30,000 (RXS & RXZ)Rs. 15,000
Renault Duster (RXE 1.3L Turbo)00  Rs. 20,000
Renault Duster (1.3L Turbo other trims)Rs. 30,000 (RXS)Rs. 30,000 (RXS & RXZ)Rs. 15,000

Starting with the most affordable Renault offering the Renault Kwid is being offered with a cash discount and exchange bonus for all trims except the STD and RXE models of up to Rs. 20,000 and some additional cash benefits of Rs. 10,000 on all variants. The Renault Triber is being offered at a cash discount of Rs. 25,000 on all variants except the RXE trim, Rs. 25,000, exchange bonus of Rs. 20,000 and some additional benefits up to Rs. 10,000.

For the recently launched Renault Kiger, the company isn’t providing any cash or exchange bonus however an additional 5 years/ 1 lakh km extended warranty is offered along with the car.

The Renault Duster is now offered in 3 different discount combos. For the 1.5-litre RXS and RXZ variants, the company is offering an exchange bonus of Rs. 30,000 with an additional bonus of up to Rs. 15,000. For the 1.3-litre RXE turbo variant only an additional bonus of Rs. 20,000 is provided while for the other trims a cash discount of Rs. 30,000, an exchange bonus of another Rs. 30,000 and an additional bonus of Rs. 15,000 is also provided.

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