With the start of July Renault has announced its discounts which the company will be giving on all of its models to boost the sales back to the pre covid times, the last month was a comparatively better month for the company compared to past 2 months whose sales were highly influenced due to the 2nd wave of coronavirus and the lockdown over many states. Here is the list of discounts provided by Renault for the month of July 2021.

ModelCash DiscountExchange BonusLoyalty Bonus
Renault Kwid (0.8L variants)00Rs. 10,000
Renault Kwid (1.0L variants)Rs. 10,000 + additional Rs. 2,000 on online bookingRs. 20,000Rs. 10,000
Renault Triber (RXE trim) (MY2021 & MY2020)0Rs. 10,000
Renault Triber (other variants) (MY2021)Rs. 10,000 (RXT & RXZ) + additional Rs. 5,000 on online bookingRs. 20,000Rs. 10,000
Renault Triber (other variants) (MY2020)Rs. 15,000Rs. 20,000Rs. 10,000
Renault Kiger00Rs. 10,000
Renault Duster (RXE)000
Renault Duster (other variants)Rs. 20,000Rs. 30,000Rs. 15,000
list of Renault discounts for July 2021

Apart from the discounts mentioned above the company is also offering discounts like an Additional exchange bonus of Rs. 10,000 under scrappage program for Kwid, Triber and Duster. A corporate discount of Rs. 10,000 on Kwid, Triber and Kiger is provided along with Rs. 30,000 corporate discounts on Duster, however, if you aren’t a corporate guy and belong to a rural area, then Renault is offering you Rs. 5,000 discount on Kwid, Triber, Kiger and of Rs. 15,000 on Duster.

The highest discount that you can avail of on any Renault car is on the Renault Duster which is being offered with a cash discount worth Rs. 20,000, exchange bonus of Rs. 30,000 and a loyalty bonus of Rs. 15,000. Totalling up to a discount of Rs. 65,000.

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