As reported till now, 4 people were killed in a horrifying accident at Thoppur ghat Tamil Nadu. As many as 12 cars, 2 mini-truck, and a motorcycle were involved in the incident.  

  • Truck driver rams into pile of cars
  • 13 were heavily injured
  • Incident at Salem Bengaluru national highway

These kinds of scenes you have seen in movies, but when it happens to live, they just send shivering and goosebumps in our bodies. An incident like that fear us to go out on a drive or on a holiday. We do not come often in a long pile of traffic lines on Indian highways, but here is the frightening scenario and in just a matter of seconds it turns to be hazardous and deadly. In Tamil Nadu as in other states as well, multi-lane roads are filled with a lot of trucks, movers and its hard to drive around them. Here is a horrible accident, which leads to killing 4 people and heavily injuring 13 people.  

salem bengaluru highway accident
salem bengaluru highway accident 4 were killed

In this incident, a truck driver was racing with a government bus driver and doesn’t seem to slow down. Thus, the truck driver rammed into the cars standing ahead in traffic. As no intention of stopping was saw by the driver through the notorious Thoppur ghat in the Dharmapuri district. The even worse part is that this was not the first incident that happened on that highway. Many car drivers slow down, navigating through that Ghat section. Despite the multi-lane road, the pile of traffic to the drivers won’t do any good for safe travel.

The breath-taking incident led to a long traffic jam for more than 5kms on the highway. Earlier in the day, an incident happens at the same Ghat, involving a minivan and a two-wheeler lading to the same long traffic at the Ghat section. The bloodshed, involving, 12 cars, two mini trucks, and a motorcycle, was highly unsettling as seen in the videos of people passing the remains of cars. The terrible layout of the highway was claiming to be blamed. Many locals claims that redesigning of the ghat section was introduced by the traffic police and NHAI(national highway authority of India), with a new plan costing Rs 140 crores but didn’t get any execution yet.    

salem bengaluru highway accident
Thoppur Ghat accident truck driver rammed 12 cars