The MG hector plus which was launched on July 2020 has hiked their price up to Rs46,000 due to market demand. As the carmaker hiked the price for 3-row SUV for the first time, now the MG hector plus ranges from Rs13.74 lakhs to Rs18.69 lakhs

  • Hector plus petrol prices up by Rs 25,000
  • Hector plus diesel prices up by Rs 46,000

Now as we can see the hiked price is not uniform for all the trims and variants it different for different trims. Like the, stylist trims hiked for Rs25,000 followed by sharp DCT Rs15,000, Hector plus hybrid prices up by Rs10,000, while the smart DCT is about to up by additional Rs5,000.

MG hector plus petrol prices new vs old and their difference:-

VariantNew priceOld priceDifference
StyleRs 13.74 lakhsRs 13.49 lakhsRs 25,000
Smart DCTRs 16.70 lakhsRs 16.65 lakhsRs 5,000
Sharp hybridRs 17.39 lakhsRs 17.29 lakhsRs 10,000
Sharp DCTRs 18.36 lakhsRs 18.21 lakhsRs 15,000

From among the MG hector plus diesel trims, has also hiked In their prices, it is the entry level or we can say base model for MG hector plus diesel has the sharpest hike in their price of Rs 46,000. The fully loaded sharp diesel has hike of Rs 15,000. Prices for mid-spec super and smart trims has hiked by only Rs 5,000

MG hector plus diesel new vs old and their difference

VariantNew priceOld priceDifference
StyleRs 14.90lakhsRs 14.44 lakhsRs 46,000
SuperRs 15.70 lakhsRs 15.65 lakhsRs 5,000
SmartRs 17.20 lakhsRs 17.15 lakhsRs 5,000
sharpRs 18.69 lakhsRs 18.54 lakhsRs 15,000

In terms of rivals MG hector plus takes on Mahindra XUV 500( Rs 13.17 lakhs to Rs 17.77lakhs), the only other 3-row segments are affordable as compare to hector and XUV500. Other than XUV500 hector plus rivals with 7-seater Hyundai Creta which will be launched In second half of 2021 and the gravitas  

All above prices are Ex-showroom Delhi.

As for the future of MG motors India, MG motor is soon be launching its MG Gloster in coming November, with expected pricing of Rs35 lakhs INR. The latest teaser of MG Gloster rivals that it will come with loads of features like:-

  • Park assist
  • Emergency braking
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Lane keeping assist
  • Connected car tech
  • Dual zone climate
  • Premium sound system
  • ambient lighting
  •  digital drivers display
  • Powered front wheels