In India, the number of road accidents and casualties are very high as compared to the global level. The awareness towards road safety is arising through the buyers and as well as from the governing authorities. Hatchback Global NCAP safety rating.

Premium hatchbacks sold in India –

  • Like altroz, Baleno, Polo, Glanza
  • The hatchbacks that are not crash-tested yet

As you know the government has ordered the application of a minimum of 2 airbags for every vehicle sold in India since 2018. Many car manufacturers including Hyundai and Maruti Suzuki were amongst the defaulters who did not offer a single airbag for their entry-level models, which are now providing one at the same price. Many Indian buyers are now preferring the vehicles that have scored a higher safety rating given by the government or the global valuation authorities for safety concerns like global NCAP. Here is a list of some premium hatchbacks that are tested at global NCAP and some which haven’t been crash-tested yet by any authority.

ModelAdult occupantChild occupant
Tata altroz5 stars3 stars
Maruti Suzuki Baleno3 stars (EURO NCAP)—–
VW polo4 stars3 stars
Glanza3 stars (EURO NCAP)—-


Hatchback Global NCAP
TATA altroz side view crash test at global NCAP

 Tata Altroz currently is the safest hatchback on sale in India right now, as it gets a whopping 5-star adult occupant safety rating and a 3-star rating for child occupant safety. Tata Motors is a company that is highly focused on its vehicle safety features and slick designs and is achieving increasing sales figures every month. It gets dual frontal airbags across all the ranges of variants available.


Hatchback Global NCAP
Maruti suzuki baleno Side view crash test at EURO NCAP

Indian-made Baleno hasn’t been tested at the global NCAP, but European NCAP has crash-tested the made-in-India Baleno with automatic emergency braking, and astonishingly at the crash test Baleno scores an overall 4-star rating. Without the radar-based braking system Baleno scores a 3-star rating at EURO NCAP. As for now Baleno on sale in India doesn’t include automatic emergency braking technology so, for now, we can safely say that Baleno is expected to score around a 3-star rating at the global NCAP crash test.


Hatchback Global NCAP
VW polo side View at EURO NCAP

Volkswagen polo the first premium hatchback introduced in 2010. Since the launch, the Volkswagen polo remains unchanged in terms of the safety feature and body shape. There were slight updates under the hood specifications other than that there is no change till now. Polo was crash tested at 2014 global NCAP, at which polo managed to score 4-star ratings for adult occupant and a 3-star rating for child occupant. As a vehicle is still with the same underpinnings the ratings are still the same for the current Volkswagen polo on sale.


Toyota Glanza is simply the rebadged version of Maruti Suzuki Baleno. Not only with the same features and engine option but also the same body panels and interior builds, so the safety ratings for Baleno will be applied on Toyota Glanza as well.


Hyundai 3rd gen i20 recently launched hatchback is yet to be crash-tested at global NCAP. As for the previous generation Elite i20, it has received a 3-star for adult occupant and 2-star for child occupant when tested. As for the new generation, we expected a lot better results as compared to the recently tested Hyundai grand i10 Nios, which is a disaster for the brand like Hyundai. Honda jazz still unchanged since its launch in 2015, and Indian specification is yet to be tested at global NCAP. The international spec Honda jazz received 5-star safety ratings from the Australian NCAP and EURO NCAP crash test which is pretty remarkable. But the Indian specs Jazz has not well equipped in terms of safety features as compared with international spec jazz, it will probably get lower safety ratings at global NCAP. Let’s wait for the vehicle to get tested, as it would make a proper valuation with their nobles.