Porsche Motors India to expand their Indian market operations, by working through their 6-dealer partner network in India.  

  • Porsche Motors to expand through their 6 dealers partner’s network
  • Porsche India could tie Knots with Volkswagen groupe for their car servicing  

Porsche India is planning to expand their operations across the Indian market, working with its six-dealer partner’s network. In the inauguration at the newly Infinity cars Mumbai Showroom, “Manuelito Vujicic brand head from Porsche Motors India, said that “we have six dealer partners and rather than going for new partners, we will expand our existing partner’s presence and go to satellite cities with an easier format, that will eventually help our partners profitability and provide more customer satisfaction as well. The Fun fact that Porsche India also looking forward to using their head brand Volkswagen group’s car service network for their cars.

porsche Motors India
Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-hybrid variant priced at Rs 2.43 crore

In the recent interview with “Autocar India,” Porsche Head also mentions that “we are Volkswagen group, so we can and we will use the group’s existing service network to expand our footprint and we have identified the white spaces all around the Indian market and drawing some new plans to address these spaces as well”. Although, the Porsche India move will be a win-win argument as the brand is working towards more customer satisfaction and profits for the existing partners as well. As of now, the leveraging Volkswagen group service network won’t be too difficult a task, as a lot of systems and processes are shared between the network, along with some vehicle platforms as well. Moreover, the Audi car service network is already being familiar with handling customers of the same luxury car profile. We just have to wait and see how things work out between Volkswagen group and Porsche India, as the wider network, will be benefitting the customers.        

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