In a recent accident in New Delhi near Hotel Hyatt in RK Puram on 9th December an i20 travelling with a young couple with their 6-year-old daughter got run over by a Dumper crushing both of those parents to death while their daughter got injured in this accident. The driver of the truck/ dumper is still not been arrested as the driver fled the crime spot just after the accident, while the two deceased have been identified as Manish Sharma and his wife Shipra Sharma.

This type of accident signifies no matter how high a safety rating your car may possess there are many circumstances where nothing matters as in this case, no normal car can possess such strength to withstand an overhead press from a dumper truck.

 Although the i20 is a 3-star safety rated car as you can see from the photo those weren’t enough to safeguard which is because a car is made and tested usually for frontal, rear and side collisions but not for any over the top hit as this is a very rare condition and the pillars supporting the roof aren’t strong enough due to many obvious reasons.

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