Maruti Suzuki yet again finished on the top of the sales shared ahead of Hyundai Tata Mahindra and Kia in the month of March 2022. Here we bring you an overall car manufacturers sale analysis for March 2022.

The automotive industry saw a domestic tally of over 3.20 lakh units in March 2022 and in comparison, to march 2021 near-flat growth was registered on a year-on-year basis. However, the month-on-month growth stood by up to 6% as just over 3.02 lakh units were sold in February 2022 month. Maruti Suzuki India limited yet other finishes at the top with total commutative domestic sales of 1,33,861-unit sales last month as against 1,46,203 units during the same 12 months back with a year-on-year growth of 8%.

Maruti Suzuki March 2022

Hyundai India finished in the second position with 44,600 units as again 52,600 units during the same corresponding month last year in 2021 with a decline in sales by 15%. Tata Motors India continued to be at the 3rd position with 42,295 units against 29,655 units with a year-on-year basis positive sales growth of 43%. Mahindra and Mahindra finished at 4th position with 27,603 units again 16,643 units in March 2021 with year-on-year sales growth of a massive 66% more than any brand in the top 5 for the last month.

Korean manufacturer Kia India was at the 5th position with dispatching over 22,622 units against 19,100 units with year-on-year sales growth of 18%. 6 positions are taken by Japanese manufacturer Toyota with 17,130 units against 14,997 units with year-on-year growth of 14% courtesy of rebadged version of Baleno and Vitara Brezza in form of glanza an urban cruiser. Renault India finished at 7 positions with 8518 units against 12,356 units with year-on-year sales growth of 31%. 8th position by Honda 4-Wheeler India sold 6589 units against 7103 units with negative growth of 7%. 9 position is taken by Skoda India with 5608 units against 1159 units with a massive year-on-year sales surge of 384%. Car manufacturers March 2022 sales.

10 position is taken by Chinese manufacturer Morris garages with 4721 units against 5528 units with negative sales growth of 15%. 11th position is taken by German manufacturer Volkswagen with 3672 units against 2025 units with 81% growth. 12th and 13th position is taken by Nissan and Citroen. The former sold 3007 units against 4012 units with 25% negative growth and the latter sold 52 units in March 2022.

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