Old-generation Mahindra thar modified, which features plenty of changes and updates alongside with V8 sonorous engine.

  • Mahindra and Mahindra recently launched the new generation of Thar
  • Old-generation modified thar with V8 under the hood, and the video posted on Shri Vlogs on YouTube
  • The custom build Thar features plenty of changes in cabin and in its chassis as well

Mahindra and Mahindra the homegrown UV specialists launched the first generation of Thar back in the day in 2010. Recently, last year Mahindra has launched the much-awaited new-generation Thar, which is loved and well accepted by buyers as the waiting period for the off-roader SUV has been increased to 12 months now. Mahindra Thar has the amazing capabilities of off-roading and thanks to its aftermarket support the SUV is very customizable as well. However, there are many models of old-generation Thar which look dope and very unique in design as well. Here one of the modified Thar we have here.

old-generation Mahindra Thar modified
Rear profile

Here’s is such one modified Thar which comes equipped with a V8 engine under the hood and the modified SUV video was being posted on YouTube under the channel Shri vlogs. In the video, the person shows the off-roading capabilities of thar while climbing and going down on the heavy bigger rocks. Although, the technical specification of the SUV hasn’t been revealed the exhaust sounds good. While talking about the appearance this modified Thar looks like a crossover between SUV and dune buggy. Although, notable changes are new LED headlamps, huge off-roader 18-inch tires, a high lift kit, a new grille, and a lack of front bumper to improve its approach angle.   

However, in the video, many old-generation thar with the same modifications has been seen with a different paint job like orange, green, grey, and so on. The Video showcased the off-roading capabilities of the custom SUV. While as for appearance SUV looks smaller and compact, as its rear section has been cut short, the wheelbase has been altered along with the chassis as well. At the back the spare wheel tire of the same size, along with fuel hydraulic tank and some off-road tools been fitted in just a little tail section area. The vehicle also gets a foldable soft-top roof with an auxiliary light bar on the top of the windscreen. The cabin also altered and this modified Thar features a multi-screen setup, along with a control panel and center console. This certainly not the road-legal modification, but it’s good for adventure and event purposes.   

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