Ola going to launch their Electric Scooter in the financial year itself, targeting Key European markets global and the first priority is given to our market.

  • Ola is slated to enter its EV in the Indian market by July
  • Ola also working on developing Hypercharging network for its EV
  • Ola also entering in the four-wheeler space EV space

Ola is planning to launch their first electric Scooter globally by the end of this year, as per PTI reports. The manufacturer has its eyes set on key European markets – France, Germany, Spain, UK, and Italy. The company plans to start its retail operation before the end of this year 2021. the company also stated in the past that the first priority has been given to the Indian market, and plans to enter our market in July 2021. However. They also focus on exporting and operations in the International markets as well.

ola Electric Scooter
ola Hyper charging network

Ola’s first EV Scooter in the European market set on the early next year, while the company has already opened its few checkpoints in Europe. While the detailed specification of Electric Scooters hasn’t been revealed yet, they it still under the cover. Also, a few weeks back Ola has announced that they are working on starting a Hypercharging Network for their Electric Scooters. The company claims that this will be the largest charging network in India and the fastest charging network in the world. In the first year, Ola will be setting up 5,000 Charging points across 100 Cities.

ola Electric Scooter
ola Electric Scooter global market

While in the coming future the Charging points will be increased to 1 lakh and set up in more than 400 cities. Ola also announced that they will be investing Rs 2,400 Crore in developing the manufacturing plant for their EV Scooters in Tamil Nadu. The construction is going on and the production of EV will be starting in the coming months. It will be the largest scooter manufacturing plant in the world with a production capacity of 2 million units and provide employment to 10,000 people when it becomes fully operational. Ola is also entering the Four-Wheeler EV space as hinted by Bhavish CEO of ola, and the first vehicles likely to be compact with a decent driving range.

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