Maruti Suzuki Dzire has been India’s best-selling sedan for quite an extended period of time with its sales reaching more than twice the 2nd spot holder on the list. Although currently, the Dzire is only available in petrol only after the discontinuation of diesel models by the company. With the CNG variant in the pipeline many people might have thought of the EV variant of the car, and to make this tough a reality a Pune-based company Northway Motorsport has built an EV kit for Maruti Suzuki Dzire details of which are mentioned below.

The kits designed are for both commercial as well as passenger vehicles, and are designed as plug and play units. As said by the makers, these kits don’t require much hassle except the replacement of the regular petrol engine with an EV unit, apart from that nothing needs to be replaced in the car.

The kits will be available with two options first being the Drive EZ kit and the other being the Travel EZ kit. The former Drive EZ kit will range up to 120 km and with a charging time of 5 to 6 hours while the latter Travel EZ kit is equipped with a higher-powered battery with a claimed range of 250 km and will be taking about 8 to 10 to charge completely. The speed limit is also capped at 120 kmph for private use while the 80 kmph is the max limit for commercial use.

Bookings for the Drive EZ kit has been already started and can be booked with a token amount of ₹ 25,000 and the expected price of the kit can be assumed to be around 5 to 6 lakhs while the Booking for the Travel EZ kit has not commenced yet.

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