Nissan Magnite has ever since launch has been in news for every good reason and owing to that the company has garnered a total of 32,800 booking since its launch in December 2020, although due to this massive demand the waiting period of some models has reached up to 32 weeks but Nissan Magnite’s production to be increased starting January 2021.

Magnite since the launch in December 2020 has been in demand with the sales, the car even reached 5k booking in just 5 days owing to this demand. As of right now many of its models have a waiting period of about 20-30 weeks and for the base variant XE this waiting period extends up to 33 weeks (8 months). To meet up this demand Nissan has announced the Nissan Magnite production to be increased from January. This production increase will translate to an increase in production from 2700 units per month to 4000 units a month.

nissan magnite increased production

Nissan Magnite waiting period

VariantsWaiting period in weeks
Nissan Magnite XE+33
Nissan Magnite XL+25
Nissan Magnite XV18-20
Nissan Magnite XV premium8-10
Manual Transmission 
Nissan Magnite Turbo XL16-18
Nissan Magnite Turbo XV24-26
Nissan Magnite Turbo XV premium22-24
Nissan Magnite Turbo XV premium(O)+29
CVT Transmission 
Nissan Magnite Turbo XL8-10
Nissan Magnite Turbo XV18-20
Nissan Magnite Turbo XV premium18-20
Nissan Magnite Turbo XV premium(O)20-22

Nissan has been for the past few years been suffering from bad sales with no model been able to impress the Indian market. For the company, Magnite has been the success that the company always desired. And in no way the company has left the buyers dissatisfied in any area be it features, safety, looks, or attractive pricing. Some of these features like the 360-degree camera are not even present in a segment above it.

From 1st of January 2021, some of the models of the Nissan Magnite’s prices have been hike due to variant reasons so now the car no longer comes at its launch price especially for the base model which is hiked for Rs 50,000.

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