Nissan recently has stepped up its game and has been garnering some decent sales, all thanks to the Nissan Magnite which infused new energy in the Nissan lineup, and to maintain this upward sale trend Nissan and its sub-brand Datsun are providing some attractive discounts on almost all of its cars, although combing both the main and sub-brand you only get five entries, but nevertheless here is the list of Nissan & Datsun discounts for May 2021.

ModelsExchange BonusCash DiscountAdditional Bonus
Nissan KicksRs. 50,000Rs. 20,000Rs. 5,000
Nissan Magnite000
Datsun Redi-GORs. 15,000Rs. 20,000Rs. 5,000
Datsun GORs. 20,000Rs. 20,0000
Datsun GO PlusRs. 20,000Rs. 20,0000

Nissan now only has two cars to offer to the Indian audience and amongst them, only the Nissan Kicks is being offered with a cash discount of Rs. 20,000, an exchange bonus of Rs. 50,000 and an additional bonus of Rs. 5,000 while the Nissan Magnite isn’t being offered with any discounts due to the high sales of the car and company being unable to fulfil the demand even after doubling up the productions.

Datsun is the sub-brand of Nissan however; the company still holds more cars in its lineup than Nissan. Starting with the most affordable offering by Datsun, which is the Datsun Redi-Go that is retailed at a starting price of Rs. 3.82 lakh is being offered with an exchange bonus of Rs. 15,000, a cash discount of Rs. 20,000 and an additional discount of Rs. 5,000 translating to a total sale of Rs. 40,000. Next, we have the Datsun GO which is being offered with an exchange bonus of Rs. 20,000, a cash discount of Rs. 20,000 and same can be said for the Datsun GO Plus which also is being offered with same discounts.

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