Toyota Fortuner has been the best seller Full-Size SUV for quite a long time in the Indian market, and with its facelift launch earlier this year, the somewhat outdated features have gotten a revamp as well as the exterior. To add the cherry on the top Toyota has also introduced a new top-end variant with more variety of features, which is called the new Fortuner Legender. The Legender being a more premium version of the Fortuner does have some drawbacks like the missing 4×4 drive and limited colours on offer.

The news of the upcoming generation upgrade of the Fortuner has been in the air for quite some time, and if going by the news, the forthcoming Fortuner will be carrying some major design and feature updates from the current SUV. However, it has been almost 4 years and the car hasn’t got anything major, but still, the sales of any other Full-Size SUV don’t even hold a candle to the Fortuner sales, with its amazing after-sale service and great resale value this car hasn’t left the number 1 spot for quite a long time.

The sale for the new Next-Gen Toyota Fortuner will commence in 2022 in the international market, and seeing the sales of the car, the company won’t take much time to launch it in the Indian market. The Fortuner will still be built on the iMV platform which is shared by the Innova Crysta and the Hilux pickup truck.

Some of the features updates the Next-Gen Toyota Fortuner will be carrying which can pretty much be assumed are, the connectivity features that will be updated through the OTA updates, increased off-roading capabilities as the car does enjoy a huge off-roading audience, a new EPS which will be making the off-roading experience more fun, a bigger panoramic sunroof and a much well versed and sophisticated Touchscreen infotainment system with an even bigger screen.

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