ISUZU motors are widely known for its heavy cars like pickup trucks and SUVs have recently announced its ISUZU D-MAX 2021 and there were some assumptions of the announcements of the new MUX but the company didn’t follow it. But now we have some leaked patient renders of the Next gen ISUZU MUX or the 2021 ISUZU MUX which is the SUV variant of the previously announced ISUZU D-MAX 2021 pickup truck.

Is there any company announcement regarding the 2021 ISUZU MUX?

ISUZU motors have not yet announced any information regarding the 2021 MUX but through the patient, we can assume that the finished car is not much far ahead.

What can be noticed from the leaked patient renders?

The leaked images show the 2021 ISUZU MUX looks quite similar to the front view of the ISUZU D-MAX 2021, with a tweaked grille, edgy headlamps, a redesigned bumper with fog lamps running till its edges and new skid plates can be seen. As from the side view there aren’t any major changes except the new design of the tail lamp with LED outlining it.

Any other information?

we do not have any other information regarding the car nor the company is ready to announce any information regarding it, right now all we have are the leaked images and from it we can say that both the D-MAX 2021 and the MUX 2021 have many things in common regarding the exterior of the two cars.

From the chronology we can assume that the D-MAX 2021 is said to be launched in early to mid 2021 so MUX 2021 will likely be launched in mid to end of 2021 in the southeastern Asian market where receives more buyers.

 What is the pricing of the new ISUZU MUX 2021?

There is no official word regarding the pricing of the car but we can assume it would be heftier than the D-MAX 2021 which is expected to be launched starting at 15 Lakhs