Toyota revealed the new Innova Crysta quite a while back in the global market and it hasn’t been much time since the launch of the car in India, and now the new Toyota Innova Crysta has arrived at dealerships in India but only at a few. We now bring you the hands-on details of the new Innova Crysta.

The new Innova Crysta comes in 18 different variants with a mix of 6 petrol and 12 diesel versions, which are then further divided into five feature categories G, G Plus, GX, VX, and ZX. These variants when compared to the old Crysta’s models the price increase will look a bit overpriced when also comparing the feature changes given for it. The price of the new Crysta starts from Rs 16,26,000 for the base variant and Rs 24,33,000 for the top feature variant, when comparing the petrol GX variant to the old Crysta you get an increase of Rs 60,000 and for the top diesel ZX model the increase is 70,000.

Pricing of the New Toyota Innova Crysta at Dealership

2021 Innova Crysta pricesOld Innova Crysta pricesDifference
2.7 GX MT (7-seater)Rs 16.26 lakhRs 15.66 lakhRs 60000
2.7 GX MT (8-seater)Rs 16.31 lakhRs 15.71 lakhRs 60000
2.7 VX MT (7-seater)Rs 19.70 lakhRs 19.00 lakhRs 70000
 2021 Innova Crysta pricesOld Innova Crysta pricesDifference
2.7 GX AT (7-seater)Rs 17.62 lakhRs 17.02 lakhRs 60000
2.7 GX AT (8-seater)Rs 17.67 lakhRs 17.07 lakhRs 60000
2.7 ZX AT (7-seater)Rs 22.48 lakhRs 21.78 lakhRs 70000
2021 Innova Crysta pricesOld Innova Crysta pricesDifference
2.4 G MT (7-seater)Rs 16.64 lakhRs 16.44 lakh▲Rs 20,000
2.4 G MT (8-seater)Rs 16.69 lakhRs 16.49 lakh▲Rs 20,000
2.4 G+ MT (7-seater)Rs 17.92 lakhRs 17.32 lakh▲Rs 60,000
2.4 G+ MT (8-seater)Rs 17.97 lakhRs 17.37 lakh▲Rs 60,000
2.4 GX MT (7-seater)Rs 18.07 lakhRs 17.47 lakh▲Rs 60,000
2.4 GX MT (8-seater)Rs 18.12 lakhRs 17.52 lakh▲Rs 60,000
2.4 VX MT (7-seater)Rs 21.59 lakhRs 20.89 lakh▲Rs 60,000
2.4 VX MT (8-seater)Rs 21.64 lakhRs 20.94 lakh▲Rs 70,000
2.4 ZX MT (7-seater)Rs 23.13 lakhRs 22.43 lakh▲Rs 70,000
 2021 Innova Crysta pricesOld Innova Crysta pricesDifference
2.4 GX AT (7-seater)Rs 19.38 lakhRs 18.78 lakh▲Rs 60,000
2.4 GX AT (8-seater)Rs 19.43 lakhRs 18.83 lakh▲Rs 60,000
2.4 ZX AT (7-seater)Rs 24.33 lakhRs 23.63 lakh▲Rs 70,000

Changes to the exterior of the Toyota Innova Crysta

There are only a few changes in the design of the car and the rest of the body design is the same. The changes include a redesigned grille with chrome, revamped headlamps with chrome outline that extends into the grille, a slightly tweaked bumper with embedded LED DRLs in vertical black housing, blacked-out chin with metallic color skid plate, and new 16-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels.

Changes in the powertrain of the Toyota Innova Crysta

With this facelift, the new Innova Crysta gets the updated BS6 standard engine so that guarantees less noise and less pollution, in addition to it the Crysta now comes in only two variants the 2.7-liter petrol engine capable of generating 166hp of power and 245Nm of torque and the 2.4-liter diesel engine that can produce up to 150hp of power along with 343Nm of torque, unlike its predecessor that came with three variants. These engines are completed with a 5-speed manual and 6-speed automatic gearbox.