Electric vehicles are the future of India and especially for Delhi with the pollution figures going off the charts, the government has sped up the installation of the New EV charging stations in Delhi.

When we imagine the future, we imagine cars flying or running at a super high speed with all of them powered by an electric system. So, it is quite clear in our minds and even in reality that the future car will be running with electricity. Companies are even trying to make this future come faster with each company trying to switch their interest from oil burners to equally powerful electric cars. In India, some companies have even started their lineup of electric cars like the Tata Nexon EV, MS ZS EV, and the Hyundai Kona EV and many companies are in the process to dive into this segment.

Reason for Speedup of charging stations in Delhi

The main problem Delhi is facing right now is its Air pollution rising to severe levels and no way to probably solve it. And the main culprits of this pollution are the oil burner Automotive vehicles. To get rid of this problem the Delhi government has increased its speed for deploying the EV charging stations all over the city. And owing to this progress in a few years EV charging stations in Delhi will be ubiquitous like petrol pumps.

The Delhi state government has also earlier this year introduced many benefits like subsidies and cheaper charging cost for the EV buyers. The EV station was set up in Delhi in July 2020 and after a month government also announced a policy target of installing 200 EV charging stations for the next one year, so that there will be an EV charging station at every 3 km span. And till now many of these charging stations have already been installed like the one in these photos that were installed near our office in Sarita vihar