The time has come for yet again analysis of the sales of the big boys of the automobile industry, the Full-Size SUVs for May 2021. However, the month of May wasn’t as great as it sounds, as the whole of the nation suffered a series of lockdown imposed by the state governments due to the spread of the second wave of covid19 pandemic. This lockdown not only barded us from getting out of our home but also all the non-essential services, which can be clearly reflected in the sales sheet of each automobile company in India. Although, this year’s May was far better than last year’s as the carmakers managed to gross over 100-200% on a YoY basis, though the same can’t be said for the MoM basis sale. Let’s look at what changed in this month’s list of Model-wise Full-Size SUV sales in May 2021. SUV modelsMay 2020 SalesApril 2021 SalesMay 2021 SalesYoY growthMoM growth
 1.Ford Endeavour122840263115%-69%
 2.MG Gloster302129-57%
 3.Hyundai Tucson010574100%-30%
 4.Toyota Fortuner2671,41415-94%-99%
Mahindra Alturas G40249100%-63%

The top seller in last month full-size SUV sales was Ford Endeavour which dethroned the long 1st place holder Toyota Fortuner for which we will talk a little later, the Ford Endeavour managed to sell 263 units in May 2021 compared to sales of 122 units in May 2020 and 840 units in April 2021 translating to YoY growth of 115% but also in an MoM growth of -69%. Next on the list is MG Gloster which sold a total of 129 units last month and made an MoM growth of -57% compared to the sale of 302 units in April 2021.

Hyundai Tucson sold a total of 74 units last month compared to 0 sales in May 2020 and 105 units sold in April 2021 giving a rough estimate of 100% YoY growth and -30% MoM growth. Toyota Fortuner was the biggest NPA of this month as the car only managed to sell 15 units last month compared to 267 units in May 2020 and 1,414 units in April 2021. However, the company justifies these sales drop due to 0 production owing partly to the lockdown and others to its scheduled maintenance which was announced few weeks ahead.

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