Indian cars are mostly known for their value for money and with companies like Tata and Mahindra, this trend has somewhat seen a slight shift however the majority of sales are taken by Maruti Suzuki which has been the epitome of value for money in the country. But recently many new companies have been emerging which are a tiny bit ahead of the league, and this time we are talking about the Bangalore based car manufacturing company, Mean Metal Motors (MMM) which has designed a Hypercar named Azani that can produce up to a maximum power of 1000 hp.

This electric car is a powerhouse of a car which apart from its massive power values of 1000 hp and 1000 Nm of torque can sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.1 seconds with a top speed of 322 km/h. The car also packs in a massive 120 kWh battery which can last you up to 523 km with one full single charge.

Talking of the exterior design of the car, Azani is built on the skateboard aluminium spaceframe chassis which is said to be a rather flexible one that is also compatible with various other models. While the car might look taken out straight from a Hollywood sci-fi movie but we assure you this is real. The aerodynamic design of the car along with a mid-engine setup provides a perfect combo to make this a hypercar and as for styling the car comes with a two-door coupe finish, LED headlamps along with Led DRLs and flared wheel arches. The company is also said to be using modular components for Azani hypercar, which is claimed to decrease supplier margins by 25 per cent.

The Azani hypercar is expected to make its first prototype debut by the end of 2022 and is expected to be priced at $120,000 (INR 89 lakh) which if compared to other similar types is far less.

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