The Mitsubishi Pajero made its debut in 1981 in Tokyo motor show, and since then the car has gotten a number of facelifts. The car entered Indian in its second phase and stayed till 2010 and after that the car got a name change from Pajero SFX to Montero and further dropped off in 2012 because of low sales.

Reason for its discontinuation

Due to this ongoing pandemic many car manufacturers have faced huge losses and the result they are reanalysing the situation and finding ways to cut unwanted losses. Same goes for Mitsubishi, as for the reports shows 10% drop in sales due to ongoing COVID-19 that sums up to a loss of around $1.33 billion till 31 March 2021 which is the highest in the last 18 years. Therefore, Mitsubishi Motor Corporation has decided to stop the manufacturing of the Mitsubishi Pajero 4X4. Mitsubishi already stopped the production of the Mitsubishi Pajero for the homeland Japan and is planning to stop the production in the last plant that exported the car.

Will this show any affect in India

As of now there are only two models of Mitsubishi running in India – the outlander and Pajero sports and both of them does not follow the new emission rules. And there is no news on whether these models will be relaunched with the BS6 version or not.