Have you ever wondered how cars will look like in the future or will they be anywhere similar to the ones we drive now? If a simple no is your answer, then Mini has you covered, last November the company showcased a design of the Mini Vision Urbanaut for what the car in future will be looking like, however, the showcased image of only available in the digital world, unlike all the futuristic concepts we have seen by many carmakers. But recently the company has moved a step further and has turned this dilutional concept of a car into a funky futuristic-looking real minivan. The real-life product looks just identical to the digital image of the concept car and is styled with a cute looking and smooth body design and can be driven like a normal car.

The Mini Vision Urbanaut depicts the vision of the future where the majority of the cars will be equipped with an autonomous driving system that will take you wherever you want without the hassle of self-driving. The concept showcases how the interior of the car will be changing its form as most of the cars will be running towards the future where there will be no need to watch the road as you drive. According to the company, the most viable feature in the future cars will be its interior, which can be changed according to your mood and perform other activities accordingly, and this feature is also implemented in the Mini Vision Urbanaut where the company calls it “Mini Moments” in which many configurations are prefeed that change the fragrance, music, ambient lighting, and many other features of the car.

This feature is not only limited to simple lighting and music and can exceed your imaginations, like the travel mode consist of a normal four seating towards the backside and two rotatable front seats, in which the back seats are more like couches that will give you a feeling of home rather than of car another example the changing interior is the ability of the dashboard to bend and turn itself into a bench that also includes the steering wheel that folds up with the dash and the pedals slip right into the slots designed for them which complements the pop open windshield at the front.

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