Mini cooper pay tribute for the victory at 1964 Monte Carlo Rally with its Mini Paddy Hopkirk named after the Irish driver behind the wheels Patrick Paddy Hopkirk. The car is based on the Mini Cooper S hardtop giving a tribute to the winning car Morris Mini Cooper S Mk1.

The car carries the number 37 printed on the door which was the winning car number at that time and a white stripe at the hood to reflect its racing feel. It is also interesting to know that the Irish driver Patrick Paddy Hopkirk has also taken the delivery of a special limited edition Mini Paddy Hopkirk.

Mini Paddy Hopkirk edition lunched
Mini Paddy Hopkirk with Signature of Irish Driver Patrick Paddy Hopkirk

The Mini Paddy Hopkirk edition is priced at Rs 41.7 lakh which when compared to the normal Mini Cooper S, costs Rs 6.6 lakh more. However, the company also provides an addition Kit for this edition apart from the regular kit provided with the standard model. The Hopkirk edition is a limited edition available for only 15 units in India which are shipped as a complete unit from the overseas. The car is painted in a Hot Red colour with blacked-out pillars and a white roof similar to the original racing car, in addition to this, the hood carries a white strip along with the signature of the winning race car driver Hopkirk which is also present at the rear end.

Apart from these special modifications the car carries a Panoramic sunroof, special John Cooper designed interior, leather finished steering wheel and many regular mini cooper features. And as for its safety features, the car comprises of 2 airbags, crash sensor, 3-point seatbelt, dynamic stability control, cornering brake control, ABS and much more.

Mini Paddy Hopkirk Signature
Mini Paddy Hopkirk edition Top view

The Mini Cooper S Hopkirk limited edition comes with a 2.0-litre four-cylinder TwinPower turbo petrol engine which can produce 192hp of power and 280Nm of torque, coupled with a 7-speed automatic Steptronic transmission gearbox with double clutch and paddle shifters which can jump the car from 0-100 in just 6.7 seconds with a top speed of 235 km/h.