Recently launched the teaser of the mini cooper JCW electric, looks fun and adventurers in their teaser video covered with camouflage.

  • Auto industry going towards electric
  • Mini Cooper JCW electric Exterior elements
  • Mini cooper electric Debuting in mid-2021

The automobile industry moving fast towards the future car technology that is electric. Things seem to move much faster in the direction of electric cars. Car manufacturers are announcing one electric vehicle after the other, especially in automobile markets of countries like the united states of America, countries in Europe. In these countries, the demand for electric vehicles is high because they already build the infrastructure required for EVs. Recently Mini cooper released a teaser video for the JCW electric, in which mini covered in camouflage speeding on a race track. By the teaser mini cooper electric main focus on performance and as well as looks fun.

BMW mini Cooper Electric in camouflage
BMW mini Cooper Electric with union jack tail lights

The teaser seems to suggest that the development of mini cooper electric is happening on the tracks. Despite the mini cooper electric covered in camouflage, some design exterior design elements are visible. At the front, it gets, wide splitter, along with the side vent on each side of the car. The front grille is closed as seen in the video; it usually happens to electric vehicles based on internal combustion engine cars. The mini got an enormous roof-mounted spoiler, which looks pretty sporty. At the rear, we can see some of the aerodynamic parts included. The video suggests an all-black interior as well. The union jack taillights also are seen at the rear end.  

The drivetrains information has not been yet revealed by BMW, while mini cooper electric expected to come with a 2-motor set up one on each axle. The regular mini cooper powered with a rated 184 HP and a 270 Nm of torque. But it doesn’t mean that it will end the gasoline powertrains, company officials have revealed that its future gasoline models’ has an” important role to play” as well. As for now, we expected the arrival of mini cooper electric to be in mid-2021.