If you drive a car then you surely would know how tedious and frustrating is to change a punched tire but imagine if you don’t have to worry about any puncher or air pressure in your tire. This surely sounds nice and to turn this idea into reality, the French Tires company Michelin is working on a project named Uptis (Unique Puncture-Proof Tire System) which is an airless puncher proof tire that aims to reduce the risk of flat or any other failure resulting into a road hazard.

The idea of this tire was first introduced back in 2019 and is still underworks in partnership with General Motors. The tires are currently being tested on Chevy Bolt EV and are claimed to be ready to use till the end of 2024.

These tires work on the principle of the Tweel concept developed by the company which enables the tires without the use of any kind of tube or airtight design which removes the chances of a flat, busted, low pressured tire. Michelin makes use of a combination of 3 types of material to form this tire which includes rubber for the treads of the tires, resin and fibreglass composite for reinforcing the tire and lastly aluminium for the wheel spokes. A perfect combination of these 3 materials makes the Uptis tires withstand the car’s load even at a high speed.

The company also boasts about saving around 2 million tons of wasted material on the regular tires per year. This makes these tires less hazardous for both cars as well as nature. These tires are being readied to take up a load of any type of passenger vehicle that will be produced in the future. However, the biggest challenge for the company remains about how durable these tires will be. We just can wait for the project to complete till 2024 to enjoy such a new innovation.

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