MG motor is a UK based automotive company formerly known as Marque introduced in 1920s. In 2006, Nanjing Automobile took control of Marque and its Longbridge plant and rebranded it as NAC MG UK Limited. Now, it is a subsidiary of the SIAC Motor UK owned by the Chinese automotive giant SIAC Motor. They design and develop passenger cars and motorsport cars as well under the name MG Marque. The MG branded vehicles are designed in Longbridge and Shanghai facilities, while the production takes place in China. It has a wide range of vehicles in its line-up which are being produced and sold in China and other countries as well.

MG Motor India : About, Lineup and more

MG Motor India or Morris Garages, is a Indian subsidiary of MG motor UK which in turn is owned by SIAC Motor. It was established in 2017 with the headquarter in Gurgaon, Haryana and began its manufacturing and sales in 2019. Now, it is widely present in Indian market with over 65 showroom in over 50 cities. Also, the manufacturing plant of the company is located in Halol, Gujarat with the production capacity of 80,000 vehicles per annum.

MG Motor entered in Indian market with the launch of MG Hector. It was their first vehicle in India and also the first vehicle from their Indian production plant. Also, it was the India’s first Internet based SUV and was advertised with the same tagline. After the launch, it gained the popularity overnight and became one of the most popular SUVs in India. With its success, company has now introduced its 7-seater variant as well rebadging it to MG Hector Plus. Company also has an another premium class 7-seater full-size SUV named Gloster which was launched recently in 2020. As the popularity and demand of Electric vehicles is increasing, MG is also present in that segment with their Electric SUV MG ZS EV. With that, currently the company has a line-up of 4 vehicles in the Indian market.



MG Hector Plus

Hector Plus