Modern-day cars are filled with futuristic technologies some of them even reached heights that we haven’t even imaged; one such technology has been embedded by the company Roewe Marvel which embedded a Huawei’s Balong 5000 multi-mode chipset which provides 5G connectivity to the car. The Marvel R is a successor to the much popular Marvel X owned by the Chinese company SIAC.

The highlight of the MG Marvel R

As said earlier Marvel R is the world’s first 5G electric SUV which comes with a Balong 5000 multi-mode chipset. This chipset lets the car attain V2X at very low latency and negligible battery consumption. And for those who do not know what V2X is, in simple words, it can be defined as a combination of V2V vehicle to vehicle, V2N vehicle to network, V2P vehicle to pedestrian, and V2I vehicle to infrastructure communication.

For its powertrain options the MG Marvel R powers from a 70kWh battery which provides the car with a single-charge range of about 505km. for its charging, there are 2 options first being the normal 12 hours charging and second being the fast-charging method that can charge-up your car for 30-80% in just 30 mins. The car comes with only a rear-wheel-drive option which is powered by 2 motors that can produce an optimum power of 184hp and max torque of 405Nm pushing the car from 0-100 in mere 7.9 seconds,

However, this power output can be greatly improved by an addition tech pack that installs the 3rd motor to the front axle which increases its power out to 298hp and max torque to 665Nm and can accelerate the car from 0-100 in mere 4.8 seconds, but this modification gives a toll to the battery and reduces the range from 505km to 460km.

MG Marvel R pricing and variants

The MG Marvel R comes in a total of 2 variants first being the base variant which will cost you about $ 34,034 and the pro version is priced at $ 37,131. However, the 5G feature doesn’t come preinstalled in either one of them but is available as an additional tech pack for extra $ 4,640 only for the pro variant.