With the start of the new month, all the automobile companies are showing the media with their sales reports for the last month and for this article we have MG India which registered a growth of above 100% on a YoY basis with sales of 4,225 units in July 2021 compared to the sale of 2,105 units in July 2020. This growth signifies the company’s better position as compared to last year which also signifies the same for other automobile companies as well.

The MoM sales growth however remained at a subtle increase of 18 per cent when comparing it to the sales of 3,558 units in June 2021. One important thing to keep in mind as both the sales last year as well as the previous month were highly affected by the lockdown implemented due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This isn’t the first time that MG has achieved sales above 4K, there also were 2 more instances where the company achieved sales above 4K which shows the effort of the company towards the Indian market. Interestingly the MG ZS EV also achieved a new milestone, recording the highest ever booking for the car in a month.

Unlike its competitors MG only holds a small portfolio of cars consisting of MG Hector, MG Hector Plus, MG ZS EV and the MG Gloster, however, the carmaker is planning on introducing a new entry into this range of SUVs which will be the MG Astor or some might even call it the petrol version of the ZS EV which will be making its debut in the Indian market really soon.  

Sadly sales of MG suffers from the word Chinese attached to it, even though the company is providing its cars with tons of top-end features and a super stylish look but the reliability of the car takes a big hit when people come to know that the company is primarily owned by a Shanghai-based Chinese state-owned company SAIC Motors.

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