This Wednesday, MG the British based company calmly revealed their newest addition to the current Indian line-up, the MG Astor which by the looks of it is the petrol version of its widely known MG ZS EV. The highlight of the SUV will be its ADAS Autonomous Level 2 technology which is India’s first Level 2 equipped car, the only car with an Autonomous Level 3 tech is the Honda Sensing Elite and that is so available only in the home Japanese market. Although the company hasn’t revealed any mechanical information about the car, only the AI aspect is what the company is boasting about.

Before diving deep into the nitty-gritty about the car let us first know what ADAS Autonomous Level 2 tech is. ADAS level 2 is the advanced driver assistance system where the vehicle’s AI can control both steering, as well as the accelerating/decelerating for itself with the driver sitting behind the wheels, can overtake the AI whenever he/she wants. So, this means the new MG Astor will be able to warn about forward collision, engage automatic emergency braking, assist on speed limits for various roads, lane departure warning and prevention, auto headlamp control, blind-spot monitoring and much more.

The new MG Astor also comes with an interactive AI bot that sits above your dashboard and can interact with you while recognizing human speeches. The car also comes equipped with a Jio sim inside for seamless and uninterrupted connectivity to the i-Smart hub connected service. The car also has a feature called park+ which lets you advance book parking for your car if that can be possible. MG has also partnered with MapMyIndia which lets your car track any road signals, speed breakers, speed limits and any locality in that area.

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