Mercedes-Benz has showcased yet another one-of-a-kind AMG Cigarette racing boat which is taking part in the Miami International Boat show that is now going for a break till next year, however, Mercedes has never seemed to amaze us and the same goes for this time where the company has showcased the Mercedes-Benz Cigarette Nighthawk AMG Black Series that can produce up to a whopping 2250 horsepower that measures 41 in length and is highly inspired by the GT Black series sports car.

The source of this powerhouse of the boat is a 4.6-litre V8 Mercury Racing 450R onboard set of five engines, each of them producing 450 peak prop shafts that take the boat to 90 miles per hour of max speed. These engines each cost $50,000. These all engines are controlled by a single shadowing throttle system which eases the hassle of the boat’s captain. With even 10 people on the ship, the ship’s top speed only goes down by 5 miles, and also the ride remains smooth as a whistling without any hiccups in open waters.

Mercedes boat

The deck of this boat is totally made of carbon fibre which not only provides flexibility but also provide a strong frame. The boat is only available in orange and black paint jobs which depicts the colour scheme of the GT Black series sports car while talking about the interior, which is available in a combination of back and grey with some highlights of orange, and the upholstery used in it is a custom Cigarette cool design that not only looks premium but also remains cool even in blazing sunlight.

Mercedes Showcases its new 2205 horsepower new AMG Cigarette Boat

If you are wondering what this boat will cost you, then you might need to ask the company itself as there isn’t any price listing for the boat however the Cigarette Boat series starts at a price tag of $800,000.    

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