World’s Most Aerodynamic Production car the all-electric Mercedes Benz EQS has been revealed in the American Market, which claims to have a drag coefficient of 0.02 and a WLTP of 770 km which by far is the highest single charge range on any car in the American market.

The car might not look the prettiest amongst all the Mercedes offering but, the thing that matters is what it provides to the buyer and with such high initials the car will be a sure shot powerhouse to begin with. So, lets dive into the spec sheet of this car and take a look what’s the fuss about.

Starting with the dimensions the EQS which measures 5,216 mm in length, 1,926 in width, 1,512 mm in height and a long wheelbase of 3,210 mm. the EQS will be the first Mercedes car to use the Mercedes-Benz dedicated Electric Vehicle Architecture platform or in short EVA platform and will share it with the upcoming EQE, EQE SUV and EQS SUV.

And even with such hefty dimensions the car is able to achieve a drag coefficient of 0.02 which is the lowest in the word as of now of any mass-produced car, beating the Tesla Model S facelift.

The glimmer doesn’t end here, the EQS is also the first car to carry the greatly hyped MBUX Hyper screen, which is a massive touchscreen that is placed over the dashboard and incorporate 3 screens – the digital instrument cluster at the left, infotainment system at the center and an auxiliary touchscreen for the side passenger seat.

Now coming to the powertrain of the car, which is offered in 2 different variants, first being the EQS 450+ which is powered by a 108.7 kWh lithium-ion Battery that provides power to a rear mounted electric motor, which can produce a maximum power output of 329 hp and a max torque output of 550 Nm. The second variant of the car is the EQS 580 4Matic which is also powered by the same 108.7 kWh lithium-ion Battery, but generates power to all 4 wheels thanks to its dual motor setup, the combined power generated by these motors equals 516 hp and a max torque of 828 Nm, the car claims a sprint from 0-60 kph time of just 4.1 seconds.

For the charging speed, the EQS can charge from 10 – 80% in just 35 minutes with 110-kWh DC fast charger, while the standard 240v house charger will take approximately 12 hr to charge your car fully from 10%.

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