The year 2020 was a bit of a roller-coaster for the automobile market owing to the pandemic, but Maruti Suzuki December sales tell a different story. Last month Maruti Suzuki recorded a total sale up by 20.2% for its cars.

Maruti Suzuki today announced the total sales figure for its last month of the year 2020 that came out to be 1,60,226 units. This sales number is an addition to both the domestic sales and exported products. Considering the domestic sales number, the company gross a total of 1,46,480 units and for the exported products the number was 9,938 units. And to add to these 3,808 units were send to Toyota of Vitara Brezza and Baleno.

Maruti Suzuki December sales

Maruti Suzuki sales in detail

Looking at the total units sold for each product for this December Alto and S-Presso sold a total of 24,927 units which when looked at the previous year were 23,883 units which results in a total of 4.4% growth YoY basis. Other cars like swift, WagonR, Ignis, and others resulted in a December sale of 77,641 units which when looked at YoY calculates to an 18.2% growth. With all this growth the only sore thumb was Ciaz that finished with a decline of 28.9%. As for the LCV which sold a total of 5,726 units against 1,591 units last year that nearly calculates to 260 percent growth.

Maruti Suzuki owns almost 50 per cent of the total share in the Indian automobile industry and also remains at the top of every chart be it on MoM sales or YoY sales there isn’t any competition to it. For the top 10 sold cars list Maruti Suzuki almost has everything in their hand with 7 out of 10 positions only own by Maruti cars. Although, these Maruti cars perform very poorly when scaled in safety. Some of them even scoring 0 ratings. Maruti Suzuki December sales

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