Maruti Suzuki limited India has applied for the names right for their new upcoming cars launching in India in different segments from compact SUV to MPV range. Namely Espaco, Libertas, and solido.

  • Filled trademark for three names right
  • Espaco, Libertas and solido  
  • Jimny expected to launch next year in early march

India’s largest mass manufacturer Maruti Suzuki motors India has filled trademark rights for three names for their upcoming cars, namely as Espaco, Libertas, and solido on the same date. While the details of cars not yet been revealed but some cars are spied on the road testing in India. But as the names suggest, Maruti Suzuki will be expected to go for segments like compacts-SUV, premium SUV and MPV. We have likely to wait for the official introduction from the company as to how they are planning to do so.

maruti suzuki concept SUV car looks futuristic

The first name Espaco is derived from the Spanish language and by decoding it means “space” meaning, it could the car for family-based MPV, either 6-seater or 7-seater and anticipated to be launched just below Ertiga. The second name Maruti Suzuki filled for trademark rights is Libertas which is derived from the Latin language and by decoding it means “ freedom and adventure” meaning, it could be the car in the SUV segment considered to go anywhere with the venture in mind. For a matter these are just an assumption it is not confirmed and we cannot confirm anything at this very moment.

The third name is solido which is derived from the Italian language means “solid”, and such kinds of names could be well suited for segments like MPV and SUV. As of now, Suzuki is already selling Solio the more premium version of Wagon R in the international markets, and the hybrid version is also showcased at the Future mobility show in India in 2019. These names do sound futuristics and could be badged in electric vehicles too. On the other hand, the Suzuki-Toyota partnership appears to be working on a Toyota-raised compact SUV’s platform for new cars in the Indian market.

concept-car-SUV-from-maruti-suzuki rear and side view
Concept car SUV from-maruti-suzuki rear and side view