Maruti Suzuki Dzire is currently the best-selling sedan in the Indian automobile market with no other rivals coming even close to its sales. The reasons that make Maruti Suzuki Dzire the best-selling sedan are its types of uses and its performance, as Dzire is not only a family car but also used as a commercial car by many Taxi drivers. However, being such a huge success, the car has only a handful of modifications available for it, but do not get disheartened as a digital car designer @bimbledesigns has digitally designed a Maruti Suzuki Dzire into a mini convertible that will sweep you off your feet.

Talking about the design, the front facia of the car gets a major makeover with a large hexagonal shaped blacked-out grilled, a much spottier bumper with large fog lamp housings wide red accents at either side, front skirts which make the car looks closer to the ground and a reprofiled bonnet which is much smoother than of the stock Dzire and also gives the car a much sporty feel.

The sides are where the real magic gets uncovered with the most noticeable change being the missing roof and the B-pillar attracted to it apart from that the other more noticeable changes include the large protruding fenders on both front and back wheels and also the addition of massive rims, which features a concave effect and are wrapped in low-profile rubber. The car also gets side skirts with red accents that complement the oval matte black paint of the car.

As for the rear, nothing much has changed apart from the blacked-out chrome bar below the Suzuki logo, the design of the taillights also remains the same however they now get a smoked glass touch to it. Not much can be said for the interior except the chocolate brown leather seats, which look far better than the stock ones.

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